Most people don't realize that keeping any wildlife is illegal unless you have the proper licenses to do so. If you find a baby animal you need to keep it in a warm, dark, quiet place and call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately. Handle the baby the least amount possible. Improper care and handling can compromise the baby's health, recovery and chances for eventual release. Wildlife at any age is severely stressed in a human's care. What we see as comfort, such as holding and cuddling, they see as a life threatening situation. This stress can have serious impact on their health and can even be fatal.
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Fox Valley Wildlife Center is

• A wildlife hospital for wild animals in need of help
• A resource for people concerned about and frustrated by wildlife
• A state and federally licensed facility
• A private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, relying solely on donations and grants.

Our Goal
Most of the animals that we receive were impacted by man in some way. They were caught by a cat, hit by a car, or become tangled in fishing lines. Our goal is to release these animals back in to the wild because they deserve a second chance.


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